A rather different web page to the usual. 

A Panther DeVille was required for a special appearance at Hannah's Charity Ball. The funds are raised for two Children's Hospice, Naomi House and The Shooting Star Children's Hospice.

We were required to have the car at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel on Saturday 13th May for 2pm. The car was manoeuvred in to the Ball Room via a large 'secret' opening wall!! It was parked on the sumptuous carpet along side the stage and was suitably highlighted with a couple of spot lights - very impressive!! The tables were then placed in position and set for around 150 guests, a black & white chequered dance floor was laid to keep the 'Black/White' theme.


This is the second such fund raising event, instigated by Hannah's parents after the loss of their daughter. As can be seen Hannah was a great fan of the 101 Dalmatians theme this being the reason for the display of Cruella's car and the black & white theme. This year the organising of the Charity Ball was done by Richard Glover, of  WKD Events who generously waived their fee. I would like to thank Richard for all the help he gave us in on the day despite being 'up to his eyeballs'!!! A long day and a long time since we went to bed at 3am.....

The best I can do now is let you visit Hannah's own web page.



This is the display board set up in the foyer where the champagne reception was held.

This & other pictures on this page have kindly been supplied by Dale Saunders-Winterton, see Here for her web site.


Naturally this was a good photo opportunity before the car was whisked off to be parked in the ballroom.


Each entry point to the main dining room was set off with an arch of black & white balloons! Shelagh is hiding the 'No Smoking' sign on the door!!

It looks like the several hours we spent polishing the car was not in vain.

Black & White theme in full Flow!!


Not often I suppose does one get to eat & dance next to a Panther!!


Here we are dressed to Thrill!!!

Thank you to Anthony of AVR Imaging who kindly supplied this picture.


Now it's decked out with helium balloons & spotty dog!


Of course, real dogs were brought in for the occasion!!

Here we are pictured with Hannah's parents


Shelagh wins Draw for Largest Teddy in Town!


And the 'Poor Relations' had to be parked outside all evening!