This page is dedicated to the various models of the Panther DeVille and here are many pictures of cars from all round the world which make up a vast percentage of the 50 or so cars produced. Feel free to send additional pictures of any DeVilles not shown here.


Here we have 'Yours Truly' on a visit to the Special Effects department at Shepperton Studios during the modification of a DV Saloon for the Disney Film - 102 Dalmatians.

Unique convertible built for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia


A trip to Roland & Geli's house in Germany.


Five Devilles at Knebworth.

A nice camping site by the river in Vianden, Luxembourg.


Same camp site - 5 DV's

Bodo's car.

LEO V - the club workhorse!


The only two door fixed head DV made.

Saloon & Convertible.

Same car - roof down - resides in Germany.


Nice work Roland. 

The deRothschilds at Exbury House


Cruella and Pongo at Belper.


Another well known car in the Club.


Unusual in that it has a painted roof.

And painted boot, they usually have an 'Everflex' finish.


Extract from car magazine.


Santa arrives in style!!.


Enormous Rams Head mascot!


First UK showing of this car was at the Bucket & Spade Run, Essex.

Evening at the White Horse

On display at the NEC


John & Linda's alongside Lake Geneva...


Wrapped & Ready to Go!!!

Convoy on the Shuttle

'Car knapped' for Unscheduled Wedding


What better reason to buy one!!



Yes - it is a 'stripper' with DV accessories!!



Car in USA unusual in that it has Brown fabric roof covering - normally Black.

Club trip to the Isle of Wight.


DV convertible pictured with fitted hard top Photo courtesy Martin Tanner - taken at Brooklands.


Exterior of the new Panther Westwinds Factory with DV parked outside, the old factory in the background was still in use at the time.


Finalised Illustration of the DV swb and extended wheel base before cars were made.

Snapped at the Nurburgring in Germany.

White DeVille, allegedly owned by Country & Western Singer Marty Robins.

The car is housed in America in the 'Grand Ole Opry'






'Car knapped' for Unscheduled Wedding - Again!!!











Cruellas Panther DeVille currently located at EuroDisney, can you spot the modifications?


Extract from the Daily Mirror, Wednesday, January 2nd, 1980.

 Story :  Brian Rimmer                             Picture:  ALBERT FOSTER              

HOW’S this for motor power? Wild man Oliver Reed has taken delivery of a monster car that can match his thirst and flamboyance. It is a ten - miles-to-the-gallon, 130 mph limousine.

Like outrageous Olly, it’s unique a one-off job that took four men nine months to create by hand. And like film star Olly, it’s always full of grog…. stored in a refrigerated booze cabinet.

 A Panther de Ville built in Surrey, it is styled on a 1930 Dusenberg used by Al Capone.So when Olly first saw his new super-toy he donned his Godfather gear for the day. Those sinister shades hid not just the previous night’s hangover but a gleam of pride at owning one of Britain’s most luxurious cars. The metallic gold and brown machine cost him £60,000. The engine, as fiery as Olly’s temper, is a 5.3 litre Jaguar unit—and he has made sure of lunch with punch by installing a picnic hamper in the boot..     Says Olly: “I promise not to drink too much when I drive it.” But if you see him on the motor­way don’t try to prove your wheels are as hot as him—he also has a rack of shotguns in there somewhere.