Recognition for the Panther Marque!!! We are invited to display a Panther DeVille at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is a specially selected choice of fifty cars from all over the world to display on the The Cartier Style Et Luxe, possibly the most prestigious motor event of its type in the calendar of motor sport. Along with the invite is the chance to be pampered by Cartier and Lord March and to mix with many famous names & faces - a few of which you'll see below!! I introduced myself to many 'Names'!! including his Lordship himself & the top man from Cartier along with a few other 'noteables' some you'll see in the following pictures. Altogether a very pleasant experience and Shelagh can't stop telling everyone that she shook hands with Boris Becker!! Whereas my chat with Bryan Ferry hardly rates a mention!! I just wonder if John Surtees will be telling all his mates that he finally met George Newell!!!!


Their description, not mine.


The DeVille on display.


Small World! - The Monica (written about in the Patter) also on display.


Shelagh enjoying a drink on the Library Lawn - reserved for Cartier guests only!


Some of the many supercars in the Paddock.


They even allowed the 'Wacky Racers' to go up the famous Goodwood Hill.


Of course there had to be a Buggatti on display!


Ford GT40 - Nicer colour than Jeremy's!!


Motor home and 4 car trailer all the way from the States!! (Only $9 per year road tax!!!)


More of the Racers in the paddock.


The Red older section!!


John Surtees & I finally meet.


As you see a few 'fast' cars go up the hill.


One or two did manage to leave the track, including a new 50 Grand Jag!!


Here we have the traditional Honda Display!!! if you can say that about a three quarters of a million pound steel sculpture!! Each arm moved up and down by means of a balanced rotating weight.


It was even more impressive lit up at night and knowing that at least two of the cars were exact replicas made especially for the display as the originals working cars were away 'in action'.

The complete structure is cut up and scrapped at the end of the 3 day show!!!


Drink on the Lawn before the Ball.


My God! I'm hob nobbing with Tony Mason now!!


Arrive in Style - a real crowd puller - and the girl wasn't too bad either!.



Look at Shelagh - has she no shame!!


I'm not easily impressed, but this had to be the best firework display anywhere.


!!!! Lunch List - Say no more!!!!


That's better Shelagh, get Alexi Sayle in the picture.


Wow - Viscount Linley is actually looking at a Panther....


Even Jason Barlow is prepared to be seen near (touching) it!!!


Damon Hill, can't he ever get out of overalls?


A really nice Frenchman offering his camera so I can take his picture - could it be because he knows Boris Becker & David Coulthard are chatting away behind him??!


Ahhh the gorgeous Virginia Eastman on the next table.


Just some of the Cartier staff who looked after us so well.


To round off the Sunday lunch Lord March arranged a VERY LOW fly past of a Jumbo Jet!!


Absolutely Stunning....


While attending our Display car we were visited by Club Members, Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore, Les & Pearl Pratt & Peter & Tom Heales, also visits from a former DV owner, a current J72 owner, several Ex-employees and Robert Jankels cousin - Christopher Wigstall.