Practical Classics requested a Panther Solo to take part in a photo shoot for an article based on five cars - Jowett Javelin, Hillman Imp, Jensen Healey, Panther Solo & Renault Avantime. The article should appear in their January Edition out in December 2003. We were pleased to help out and took the car to Derby for the 1st October, the photographer (John Colley) was very thorough and as well as 'arranged pictures' also took some 'Action Shots!' It should be pointed out here that these pictures shown were taken by myself on my own little digi. camera! The day was organised by Richard Dredge the motoring author who was in charge on this day and has written many other motoring articles.

I am grateful to Practical Classics for allowing use of these pictures on our web site.


After initial detail pictures....

We moved on the a local small Church.


The Imp and Renault take up positions.


A short drive to the centre of Derby.


Urban deriliction was the theme!


This part of town certainly fitted the bill!

A Big clue as where we are!!


Plenty of Warning Signs.


So we were never far from the cars.

Final arrangement.


Too much Sun - Not enough Sun!

It had to be 'Just Right'!!!!