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Do our  'Panthers For Sale' pages get results? Some recent email comments from users of our service

HI George


Thank you


I have sold the Lima now can you take it off your web site.


Kind Regards





Hi George,
Many thanks for placing the add last week.
Just to let you know it can now come off the website as it went to the first who viewed today.
A sad day really as I have had that Kallista for 21 years.
It now has a new home in Essex.
Still it's proof that your website works well.
Once again many thanks

Aug 2016

Hi George, 

Just a note to advise you the website needs updating as the car sold today....... 
.....................So very best wishes and thanks for your past help. 

Hi George,

Pleased to say I have sold my Panther so you can remove from the website and as you said we had most response from abroad and very little from UK. In the end had two people who were desperate for it one from France (offered 11,500 euros but would have needed MOT and taxing) and the person who bought it paid the full asking price of £10,000 and did not require an MOT as he is shipping to Abu Dhabi and then on to Canada.

Thanks very much I will be sorry to see it go on Tuesday Phil

Hi George,

Just a quick note to say could you please now remove my kallista from your sales page as the car has now been sold and exported to Barcelona, Spain for the new owner.

There was a lot of interest from France , Spain and even a buyer from Hong Kong !... and no end of time wasters from the uk.

Thanks for your help and services .     

Many thanks


Hi George

Just to let you know that the Kallista has today been sold to a very happy Austrian called Albert Kampf. He flew into Stansted this morning and is now in the process of driving the car back to Austria.

Thanks very much for such a good service, I attach a photo of the car now fitted with Austrian plates along with it's very proud new owner who tells me that it will be only the 5th Kallista in Austria.

Thanks once again for your help


Hi George,
Thanks to your great website a lot of interest for our Panther Kallista was generated resulting in a confirmed sale today to a couple who have travelled from Belgium to collect our Sheffield based car. Your advice regarding my parts query helped in the negotiations towards a sale price that both parties were happy with.
Thanks again for providing a great service to the Panther community.
Kind regards
Chas and Joanne

Hi George 
Your cars for sale page is phenomenal. The response I have had is unbelievable. As you said I have had enquires from all over theEU with lots from Germany and France. 
I have accepted an offer from Paul Hart the gentleman you advised at the start was interested. He is taking it to France.
I hope he remembers when he is on the motorways that she is an old lady and should be treated as such. 
I had four offers for the car with the best one from Ireland and it was increased by a good bit to try and tempt me when I told himif was sold. A deal is a deal. 
George I owe you a couple of pints so if you are ever over here to attend a show or anything like that let me know and if I'm
in the area I will clear my debt. 
Thanks again for all your help. Best regards,  John

Hi George, Could you please remove the advert for the following car 1987  E Reg Panther Kallista 2.9i Ford Granada Engine 
It has been sucesfully sold from interest via your website. Many thanks  Trevor

hello George just to inform you that the following car panther kallista F580 0PU has been sold thank you for your site Derek Moore

Hi George, Well that didnít take too long! The Panther has now been sold, so can you update your web site please? has gone to France , but to someone who regularly attends Panther rallies Ė so at least to an enthusiast which is great...........Many thanks for your help.  Kind regards,  Paul

I have sold my Panther Kallista Reg No B307 KPH.

I sold it within days of going on the web site.
I had over 12 phone calls, 6 from abroad, and sold the Panther to the Netherlands,
Would you please remove the advert for the car from your web site.
Thank you for your assistance in selling my Panther Kallista.
Martin Prickett

I have to say that I was very impressed with the tremendous help & advice and sheer enthusiasm, coupled to the  brilliant team camaraderie extended to Jane & myself over the years of Panther ownership and whilst we had heard rumours about you walking on water, we now have the proof  that you can-  and do, walk on water, as the '72 went for the FULL ASKING PRICE,(£22500), having been  thoroughly assessed and road tested last weekend (on a flying visit,  after being spotted by Thierry on your advertisement  on the PEC  website!!! (enquiries came from Sweden, Switzerland, Holland (and today alone, from Italy and the UK) George, We can honestly say that the "Panther Experience" through the Panther Enthusiasts Club has been a genuinely wonderful experience and Jane  & I will not forget all the great friends and acquaintances we met, during our Panther ownership! Jim M.

Hello George, Can I ask you to remove my panther from the advert list, she is the cream with black hood Kallista, reg B563 JPE. She was sold the weekend just gone, thank you for the listing space. Regards JP Adamson

George,  I would like to thank you for your advice and ad which enabled me to sell my car on your site, could you please remove ad from your site as I am still getting enquiries, once again thank you, Peter

Hi George. Thank you for all your help - I have  today sold the Kalista, so would be grateful if you could remove it from your web site. Thank you again. Regards Chris

i. George just to let you know that I have sold the car. thank you for your assistance Ian bottomley

George,I am happy to report that the Panther below (reg G69AVW) advertised on your website has now been sold, to a guy from Germany who already has a Lima (the strength of the Euro has some benefits!).  Please could you therefore remove it from the website. Thanks & regards,  Rick

George.....Car now sold it went to Chez Republic. Regards Chris Haynes

George just to let you know the panther was sold this morning to a gentleman from the Itirling area which is only 30 min from here, he was delighted with his purchase. Your web site certainly works 5 days and sold. A big thank you for all your help and I hope the cheque arrived ok. thanks again,  Karle.

 I am contacting you on behalf of my father I understand that you have his car for sale on your website. It has now been sold so please could you  remove it from your 'For Sale' page.
Many thanks C Triner

Hi George, can I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in selling my Kallista,. She is now SOLD. thank you  Reg

Hi George The yellow Panther J72 has now been sold (REG TTF 594S) Its going to France The site worked, even if it took a long time. Regards John
Hi George, Just to inform you that my Kallista A688 TKX has now sold and gone to France, thank you for your advertising and please remove from website. Best wishes to you All and many thanks for allowing me to become a member of the  most excellent club. Merry Christmas and a Happy Panther New Year John and Lesley Dewing

George, Pleased to say that the Panther was sold last Saturday due to your site. Many thanks for your assistance and wish you and the club best wishes for the future. Regards   Scott Newis

 Hi George, thanks for advertising my Kallista, I sold it almost immediately, could you please remove from website or mark as sold best regards Bob

Just to say that my car has been sold so please remove the advert. Sorry to see it go but it has given me 6 years of great pleasure including two Le Mans trips.  thanks for your help  Nick  


Hi George, many thanks for your rapid response, putting the Lima  on the club website. A guy from France  came this evening, and has given me a deposit on it, and is picking it up in two weeks.. Again, many thanks, Regards, John

Hi George, Just a quick note to let you know the Panther was bought by the first person to see it A guy from France bought it. Many thanks, I never expected to sell it so quickly. Kind regards Tom Patton

George,  Thierry whom I think you know arrived today and bought my car.  I think we were both pleased with the deal, but Theirry did not like the weather in the UK and could not wait to get back to France. You can now remove the car from the Web site .Thanks for all your help Regards Mike

Hi George,
Many Many Thanks for placing the add so quickly. I have had calls and e-mails all week, and actually sold the Lima to the first couple who drove down from Yorkshire today.
The calls came from all over, France, Ireland, Scotland, even a few from closer in the UK. Most wanted more pic's which was fine before coming over, but it sold to the first couple.
Many Thanks Again - I hope and will try to get another Panther one day - Andy

Dear George Ė Please note that the following Lima on your site is now sold. The buyer saw the car on your site and travelled from the South of France to collect. Also other enquiries - France , Italy and London. Thanks. Gordon.

Good Evening George, I refer to my e mail to you & can now confirm that I am the proud owner of  one 1983 Panther Kallista 2.8. I received your buyer's guide prior to purchasing the said vehicle & found same to be most helpful &  informative, many thanks for this service. I have printed off a membership application form for completion & will forward same in due course. Many thanks for your assistance to date. Max.

Hi George, Just to let you know the panther has now been sold. Thanks for the help Pat OBrien

Hello George, Would you please note that Mk2 Lima SPK 731X, black on white Lima being advertised by Charlie Beauchamp has now been sold. To me!!!!!!!  yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Thanks again for a great web site,  yours,  Alan Hicks

Hi George Just to let you know that the Lima has now been sold !! Can you remove from web site. Thanks. Keep in touch Paul and Gill

George,  thought Id let you know that I have sold my Lima and the buyer came via the web site advert ! I had two real expressions of interest and about six very odd looking e mails from strange sources. Thank you for your help. regards, Malcolm 

George many thanks for your help and advice. The sale of my Panther Lima KPL780W (brown and cream) went through on Friday. The purchaser is from Surrey, he came, he saw, he purchased. I have had an email from him to say how pleased he is with the car. Again many thanks for your help. Regards John

Hi George,  Thanks to your excellent sales page on the club web site. I have sold the Panther RIO. Unfortunately it has gone to Ireland. I had people from Belgium and Germany come to see it. Just shows you that the website  is looked at all over Europe. I would have been nice if it had stayed in the UK. I am now looking for something automatic. Thanks again Dave Stone

George, Thanks for all your assistance, the web page has worked and ensured our panther has been passed onto another home in the UK, I am very sure she will be pampered and treasured in her new home. (parting with the panther was not a easy move, I am sure, with time!!!, I will get over missing her, and the decision to keep the wife and let the panther go was the correct one), one hell of a cracking car which has given great pleasure with a bloody great fun factor, memories that will always bring a smile. Can you please remove the Panther from your sales web page, Panther Kallista 2.8L Met Silver/Gunmetal, 1984, 15,300 miles, MOT to March 2006, Tax to Dec 2005 once again many thanks, and have a very good new year. All the best & have fun, Paul & Lynne

Hi George, The Panther that I had advertised on your web site is now sold so it can be removed. The first contact I received asked for basic details ,photographs and some history of work carried out. He agreed a price and sent his brother from Strasbourg to fetch it. Many thanks again for your help, and notch another sale up to the Panther club website. Regards,  Tony Jenkins.  Swansea. 

Dear George, Would you please remove my Panther from the sales web site as it has now been sold. As a point of interest I had enquiries from abroad in particular Italy and Belgium but sold it in England to someone keen to join the club. Many Thanks  JOHN HEPPER 

Hi George, Benny Parker from Normandy! I've sold the Panther Kallista to a French guy from La Rochelle, so you can take me off your excellent website.................... Anyhow George, I want to thank you & your website for your help. Regards, Benny.

This has been sold from your website to a new enthusiast so can be transferred to the 'Sold' pages.   Thank you, Mark (Pink Panther)

Dear George, Many thanks for advertising my panther on the club web site. However it is with very mixed feelings that I have to tell you that the car is now sold to a very enthusiastic owner from Sunderland who I am sure will look after it as well as I had. Thanks again to such a friendly club.                Dave Longstreeth.

Hi George,One week back from my holiday and the cars sold.  Had a couple of the usual Ďscamí merchants who soon disappeared when I challenged them.  Thanks very much for your help.Good luck to you and all other Panther owners.

Hi George, My red 29i sold at the weekend (the one in Bewdley) and has now moved further North to Stafford, so you can now remove the add. Thanks for your help with this. Regards James

Panther Kallista NIL 1204 (cream) now sold.
Many thanks for excellent advertising service!
Barry Broadbent, Ashill, Norfolk

Hi George, Thanks for your help.  The panther is now sold, thanks to the good rating you gave it........ Would you take it off the web site please..Regards  Michelle and Gordon Maxwell

Dave has asked me to  let you know that he has now sold his Panther via your website to a chap from South Wales and so could you please take off the website.  Dave didn't expect to sell until the early spring and so he is rather pleased. Thanks for your help. Sue King

Hi, Just to let you know that we have sold the Panther Kallista that was advertised on your website. We only had one call but the that was all we needed. Thank you.The car was the 1987 D reg in white, the price was £6500.00

Hi George, Thank-you for the help in selling my car. It has now gone. Kind regards, Colin Dear.

Dear George, Just sold my Kallista, it's gone up to Scotland. many thanks for the service. it's only due to the fact that with 2 new baby's in toe & a bad back that has forced me to get rid of my Kallista. may I wish you & the rest at the club the very best & you may see me in a panther in the future?

Dear George, Just to let you know that my Panther Kallista 2.9i, advertised on your site, sold at the weekend. Many thanks for your help in this matter. Kind regards Martin Broadley (Grantham.

Hi George, Good news - the Panther has sold.  A man from Germany came and took it back yesterday!!  The advert certainly worked as I had a few calls about it so many thanks for your time and interest.  Please also now take the car off the web-site. Happy motoring - it's a perfect day for it today isn't it? Many thanks once again. S H


Gentlemen Thanks for your help with sale of the panther. It has gone to a good home in Holland. Hans  and Theo bought it.........Take care Mark

George I have now sold the car thank you for your help in the past Fred Coulson

Dear George, Would you please remove the advert for my Panther Kallista 2.8 from your website as it sold within days of it appearing. Everything went well with the sale, and the car is now in the Isle of Wight. Thank you for the excellent service you provided. Regards Jerry Ball.

Hello George I am emailing you to say that my Panther Lima has been sold- I should like to thank you and all at the club for all the help and great magazines over the 11 years that I have owned the car. Stuart Henning

Dear George Many thanks for all of your help in advertising my grey Kallista, which I now unfortunately have to say has been sold, so can you please remove the car from the website. Once again many thanks Steve Omahoney

HI George Thanks to the club I have sold my pride and joy of 17 years to a new club member. The blue & gold kallista is now Tony's NOT Dave's. And it stays in the club which makes me very happy. Dave Stone

Car (2.8 Kallista, D-reg) has been sold, via the PECUK website.  Many thanks for this service. Regards Campbell McPhee

Please could you remove the advert for my Kallista, it's been sold. If the name doesn't register immediately it's the dark blue 2.9i Kallista. Many thanks - it sold quickly to the first person who came to inspect. Richard Lawn

Dear George, Many thanks for advertising my Panther Kallista on your website, it was sold very quickly........Thanks for your help. D King.

Dear George I am pleased to say that the panther kallista is now sold and gone to Italy so could you please remove it from your website. Thanks for your help. Gary Levinson

Dear George, Please could you mark my Kallista 1.6 (F439MWC) as 'Sale Agreed'.  The gentleman buying my car will not complete and collect for a couple of weeks, but, barring accidents (no - not to the Panther which is polished up and under wraps), the car is sold thanks to your extremely efficient web site!  I have had 8 enquiries and have sold the car at the asking price to the first person who actually managed to get over to view it..........Many thanks,   Frances

George. Just to let you know that above car has been sold. Thank you for your help. Since I reactivated the advert in May, there was absolutely no reaction for about a month, then suddenly there was a great flurry of enquiries and it was sold very quickly.
Congrats on a well presented web site. Regards Dave Hay

Many thanks for advertising my panther. Your website attracted a buyer within 1 day !!! As a consequence please remove my details from your website. Thanks for your advice and Bruno's over my 8 years of panthering. Regards paul dudley-Smith

Hi George, I'm happy to say I have sold the Panther to Tim Henson who I believe you have already spoken with. I've encouraged them to join the club so hopefully you'll have a new member soon. Could you please remove the advert for the Panther from your web. Thanks for all your help and happy driving. ED

Dear George, sold the panther ......from the web, had lots of calls from abroad, Hopefully he will become a member he has all the info. Thanks for the help that you have provided over the last four or five years, I'm sure I will have another one in the future........All the best...Brett Parker

Dear George, My Panther Kallista is now sold to a guy from Chelmsford in Essex. Thank you for your help in this sale, I had about 10 enquirers recently, two from Germany. Roger Rose

Dear George, Just to let you know that we sold the Panther today to ......... Bristol ...........What a lovely day--not a cloud in the sky!! Thanks for all your help with the sale. You had better mark it sold on your web page. I have had another enquiry from Bavaria this week.....All the very best to you and the gang. Kind Regards Martin and Sue.

Dear George, I canít believe how efficient the Clubís website is. The ad for my Kallista appeared on the website last Sunday. By Monday morning I had received two enquiries, one from Bristol and one from Italy. I sold the car on Tuesday lunchtime for the price I had asked. Thanks again for all your help and encouragement. Iím a little sad but pleased the car has gone to a good home! Yours sincerely David Butler.

George, That £20 for the web was the worst £20 I've ever spent! I reckoned that I would get at least 3 months enjoyment out of the Mk2 before I sold it, but no, on the web Wednesday night and sold on Saturday morning! I hate you! 4 months work and hardly a drive. Roy

Hi George,........please remove car  from the web site. Thank you very much for all your assistance.  It is much appreciated. Best regards Harry Austin

Dear George, ....I have sold my car, the Ivory Kallista, it was bought, thanks to your ad, by a man from Germany.....once again many thanks for your help, Tony L.

Dear George, Please note that I have sold my Kallista. The new owner is Dario Furlan who lives in Italy. He saw the car on your website. Many thanks for all your assistance it is very much appreciated.

Dear Mr Newell, I just wanted to let you know that I have now sold the Kallista, all thanks to your web site/Panther Enthusiasts Club uk. Many thanks for all your help in this matter. D J Howard

Thanks George the car has now sold so can be taken off the website. Cheers Paul

Dear George, Would you kindly remove my car advert from the inter net site as it is now sold...The measure of success of your web site my car was on it for approx 4 days in that time I had 3 enquiries and it was sold within 1 week. Many thanks, A Green.

Dear George, thank you for the use of your excellent service. The panther is now sold to a new home in Stockport         David Clark

dear george ..panther j72is now sold..thanks to your web site...7 replys and not just from the uk..its certainly gone to a good owner. who has informed me that he has already joined your club..good luck and thanks again...regards ..ron dillingham..ex owner of a j72

George, Just to say my car has now sold through your web site and gone to Holland, Thanks ND

Hi George, I sold my kallista reg A511EPJ  thanx to the web site.............Ian D.

Hi George, Quick note to say the car is now sold so please delete the ad and to say thanks. Regards Terry

Dear George, Please be advised that we have now sold the green Panther Lima MKI and can now be removed from the 'For Sale' advert. 

George Thanks for putting the ad on the web site, the cars now been sold to someone who lives in Brittany. Can you delete it off the sales sheet. The car was two tone silver and the number was APA 894Y

Dear George, The Kallista has now been sold; could you please remove it from the site. Many thanks, Ian Bartlett 

Our J72 has just sold. It's the one listed by Cheryl Clear and Wendy Fleming for $17K USD. It was not sold through your  website, but we received tons of  interest from your site. Thank you again.  Wendy

George, Loads of enquiries and car now sold from the web, Thanks, Terry.

Dear George, I have now sold my Panther. The customer came as a result of the ad on your site. Many thanks Simon Watt 

 George, Car now sold. Many thanks for your help. Best regards, Ron Trump

Reducing the price worked as I sold it yesterday ................please can you remove it from the website. I've given the new owner your
details and sung the praises of the Club, so you may lose me but not the car.
Many thanks for your help and good luck
Dear George,  Thanks to your website I have sold, sadly, my Kallista for the asking price.  I had three potential buyers and this morning the car is on it's way to Newcastle. Many thanks for your help, David Varcoe.     (July 2002)

Hi George,I have bought the car on the website, 1989 F reg, 22,000 miles Red & Cream. I am interested in going on club runs and some shows / events please enclose latest info on these items.      (April 2002)          

Hi George, Just to let you know I've sold my panther....... and it was via your site....... thanks!Suzie Chadwick                                                         Hi George, You kindly advertised my Panther Kallista 2.8i A reg ( Silver with Claret hood )  on the club website. I am happy (sad) to say that I have now sold it as a result of this advert, so if you could kindly remove it from the site I would appreciate this.  Many thanks for all your help.   Best regards,   Jon Ryan    

George, Nice to talk to you this afternoon - to confirm I have just bought A155TMJ  advertised on the club website and have also just joined the club.  Regards, Dave.

George, Just to let you know that my Kallista has now been sold via the PECUK Web Advert (well worth the £20) It's gone back down to South London! Many thanks for your help.  Regards   Mike & Donna

Hi George, Just to let you know I have now sold my Panther Kallista 1.6. Thanks for the excellent advert.     Kind Regards,  Paul

 Geoff, Just to let you know that my Red Kallista 1.6 that has recently been advertised on your club web site has now sold. Thank you for your assistance and displaying the ads in such a professional manner, certainly a very worthwhile moderate expenditure. I would appreciate it if you could update the site asap as I am still getting phone calls.    Thanks again    JM- 


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